DWISS R1, Swiss-made Tourbillon watch for less than US$9,000

Tourbillons are among the most challenging and complicated mechanisms ever created in the history of watchmaking. They are also used in some of the most expensive watches in the world. For the first time,  a Swiss-made Tourbillon presented by DWISS, is now made affordable for the average pocket. The campaign was funded on Kickstarter in only 4 minutes, and has reached more than 130,000 CHF in 24 hours.


DWISS is a multi award-winning company founded in Switzerland in 2011. The company creates limited-edition Swiss-made timepieces with unique time display systems and selling them for fair prices. In 2016, DWISS created the most innovative Swiss-made watch in crowdfunding history. The timepiece was awarded with the International Design Award and Gold Award in the luxury category by the European Product Design Award at a ceremony held at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Focusing on innovative time-telling techniques – the hallmark of DWISS watches, Rafael Miranda (founder and lead designer) believes that: “While time remains constant, displaying it is an art that only a few have mastered.”

The DWISS R1 comes in two different collections called the RC1 and RS1. Each collection features three movement variants – Quartz, Automatic, and at the top of the range, a Swiss-made Automatic Tourbillon by Concepto Watch Factory, an in-house Swiss manufacturer that develops and manufactures top level watch movements and complex mechanisms. The tourbillon calibre,  Concepto 8950, operates at 28,800 beats per hour with 27 jewels and a 60-hour power reserve.



The DWISS RC1 and RS1 is now going for 8,490CHF (S$11,730) on their Kickstarter campaign, which will end on 4 November 2017.

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