HORAE launched their debut collection of customisable watches

HORAE, a new independent watch company that makes affordable personalised timepieces while embracing the history and provenance of watchmaking, launched their debut collection on Kickstarter.

With the rise of fashion brands and the litany of catchphrases such as “affordable luxury”, HORAE’s founders observed the growing disconnect between younger consumers and the art of watchmaking. Through HORAE, they hope to connect more people to watches and watchmaking, through personalised watches that invite consumers to explore and learn more about its components and the processes that go into making it.

3 Chronograph with Black Perlon

HORAE is the culmination of two years of passion and persistence – the founders were personally involved in every stage from design to production. These stages include rapid prototyping through 3D printing for iterative design and the arduous process of sourcing the finest materials and suppliers. To maintain full design control over the project, all photography and media were produced in-house. HORAE’s website was also built from scratch by the founders based on the same design ethos that they had envisioned.

4 Automatic with Dark Brown Alligator Leather Strap

Centered around personalisation, HORAE’s watch configurator puts consumers in the seat of a watchmaker, taking them through the choice of finish and type of the case, dial, hands and indices, allowing them to experience the process of realising their own classic timepiece, and ultimately building watches tailored to their individual tastes.

2 Complete Calendar with Black Perlon
Complete Calendar

In addition, HORAE offers a wide range of full-grain Italian leather and double-woven Perlon straps for elevated versatility to suit all personalities and occasions. Through tasteful appropriation of the styling, proportions and character of vintage watches, HORAE hopes to share the experience of owning vintage watches without the hassles commonly associated with it. The company believes in creating value through quality timepieces, meaningful experiences, and reasonable pricing.

With prices ranging from US$ 125 to US$ 325 (US$93 to US$ 263 on Kickstater), HORAE launched four watches with varying complications, starting with the Two Hander, Complete Calendar, Chronograph and the Automatic.

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