ZOID Mastermind, an unusual time(machine)piece

As a watch enthusiast and watch lover who appreciates well-designed products, Andrew Oliver created the ZOID Mastermind. ZOID Mastermind is designed to be a practical day-to-day wear that is different from the mainstream.


The aggressively designed Mastermind case was completely designed by in-house and it is not just another watch case. The watch itself is a resemblance of a modern futuristic time machine with the see-through crystal case, also the internal housing that holds the honey-comb patterned dial.


The case of the ZOID Mastermind is measured at a hefty 48mm x 42mm with a thickness of 9mm. Its crown is fitted at the 12’o clock position with large crown guard. The curved see-through case on the sides of the watch serves no function, but as a mechanical detail that ZOID wanted to incorporate into the design. Hardened mineral crystal are used on the dial side and caseback. The ZOID Mastermind is a mechanical timepiece powered by the Seiko NH70 Automatic movement with 40 hours of power reserve.

The Mastermind is available in 3 colour variations- Red, Gold and Black.


The ZOID Mastermind is now live on Kickstarter at S$588.

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